SnowyCraftMC Rules - March 2016

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SnowyCraftMC Rules - March 2016

Post by ElsaMagicSparkle on Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:24 pm

Hi everyone please read these rules before playing our minecraft server.

1. Do not hack
2. Do not advertise (This can be a perm ban!)
3. Please respect all players. you dont have to be their friend but you dont have to be mean to them either.
4. No staff disrespect, Staff no player disrespect!
5. No swearing AT ALL.
6. Do not spam chat
7. Scamming is allowed but read bellow first!

8. Ok. this is the most important rule and if you dont read it its not my problem! im sorry to be mean but.. this is a serious rule!
Buying ranks for players for in game money is allowed. but you must read this.
The person paying the IGM MUST pay the in game money first. The reason I have this rule is because the money players donate goes to not me! so even if i wanted to i cant give people their money back. If you get scammed by paying the IGM You will get it back and the person that took your in game money will be banned. please keep in mind any other scam is allowed just not this one.

Also our forum title was made by a website called CoolText it is really good for anyone that needs logos Smile

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