Maybe Helper or Builder!!

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Maybe Helper or Builder!!

Post by SmartLife on Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:06 pm

Minecraft Name:

12 Almost 13

Why should you be staff?:
I  should be staff because I helped a lot of people in this server and I'm talented, +I know a lot of things about plugins and servers, And I built some things for the server too Very Happy!! So I think I deserve Staff.

Why do you want to be staff?:
I would like to be Staff because I have the power to help any server, And help the people in the server too, +I would like to help with Plugins too.

When the server gets a team speak will you be able to talk on team speak?
Yes, I can speak, But not always, I may be busy sometimes.

What timezone are you in? (This doesn't really affect anything):
I'm in the Sweden Timezone!

Have You ever been banned or muted from this server? if so why? and how many times?:
I have been muted and banned too, but that was long time ago, I have changed a lot, and I helped the server grow, And I'm sorry for everything too Smile!!

How long have you played minecraft?
I played minecraft for like 2 years.

Do you have past experience?:
Yes, I'm Staff on an other server and I would like to be staff here too, I'm talented and I can help the server grow too, I did a lot of things to the server (Not so much, but I tried my best), And I like the Owner too because He/She is always nice to me Very Happy!!

How active will you be?:
I will be active for like 3 Hours in a day, But it depends on how many people will be online.

I don't have an alt, And I can't get 1 because my dad is always "no" :p, But I will try my best Smile!!

I hope I can get staff Very Happy! And I hope I can be a good Helper if I got staff, I would like to help every1!! Thanks!! Very Happy!!


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Re: Maybe Helper or Builder!!

Post by ElsaMagicSparkle on Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:18 pm

This has already been accepted like 2 weeks ago in game. :p Welcome to the staff team!

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