Dill's Helper Application

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Dill's Helper Application

Post by Dilll on Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:04 am

In game username and previous names: My name as of right now is Dilll, my previous name is DillDeww and my first one is deadlycreeper22.
Age: 15 turning 16.
Why should you be staff?: I think i should be staff because i think i can help the server out with creating new things, making new ideas, and trying to make it more friendly. I think this server is a good server but we need more happiness. I think if the server gets new staff and new players it could potentially grow up to be a really good server with a lot of people. I also think i could help make staff happier, and help control things.
Why do you want to be staff?:I want to be staff because i think i can help the server out many ways. I can help people with the forums and with how to do certain commands and how to get to places. All of the stuff new players need to know. I can also help other staff with problems they have or anything they need help with!
When the server gets a teamspeak will you be able to talk on teamspeak?: Yes, i will be able to talk.
What timezone are you in? (This doesnt really affect anything): Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Have You ever been banned or muted from this server? if so why? and how many times?: I have been banned and muted on the server many times and i don't really know how many times and why i got muted/banned.
How long have you played minecraft?: I have played Minecraft for about 2-3 years. Very Happy
Do you have past experience?: I do have past experience, i have been staff on Mineplex, here (Razz) and i have been Co-Owner on multiple servers and i have owned my own server once!
How active will you be?: I can be really active if you want me to be.
Alts?: I have a ton of alts if they need to be used for any reason. (Most people that play on here know that :PP)

-Thanks for your time,

Dylan (Dilll).

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