Lobby Parkour/ Nicknames

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Lobby Parkour/ Nicknames

Post by Mybalto on Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:01 pm

One way I think you can improve SnowyCraftMC is lobby parkour or parkour in general. People love this kind of thing, think about it servers such as Mineplex or Hypixle both have lobby parkour. This could attract people if you add some because I know more than a few people who love to try and beat each other at parkour completion. Also if you are thinking on this I would recommend a reward at the end to motivate people to do it such as a health potion for PVP.

Another cool thing people love are nicknames. I know all the staff and high up people have them but what if you could earn them? You may be able to earn these from playing on the sever for a long time, donating, or being a good helper and friendly to people for a while. Also maybe how your nickname is laid out can tell what you are, such as some one who donates gets a multi color one but people who got them from playing from playing lets say a month in game time have a single colored one.

Im sorry for how much i'm posting on this forum, I love to share ideas and suggestion.

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